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Job Opening: Attorney (Multiple Locations)

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  • Job ID: 4657762
  • Department: Law
  • Location: Corporate Office
  • Education: Juris Doctorate
  • Experience: 3-5 Years
  • Type: Full Time

Attorney position available in various locations.


Your Legal Background: General Practice Attorney. You are a master of making sure no stone goes unturned in advocating the needs of your client, while also helping in a variety of practice areas. You love law. Providing legal help is not a job, it's a calling. Applying law to client-happiness. You do more than just "go to court" or "draft documents", but have ample experience collaborating and working with attorneys to translate the law into something the client understands, which lets them know you are looking out for their best interests.


Professional Standards


As an employee of Relevant Law, we expect any Attorney employed by to commit to the following:

  • Uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice
  • Act with integrity
  • Act in the best interests of each client
  • Act in the best interests of Relevant Law
  • Provide a proper standard of service to our clients
  • Protect client money and assets
  • Be aware of deadlines for matters and never miss one


Description of Job Duties


  • Advice, inform, and sell clients on Employer’s legal services and product offering.
  • Establish and maintain a “trusted advisor” and attorney-client relationship with clients 
    based on knowledgeable advice that is aligned to the clients’ business objectives and 
  • Collect retainers from clients and execute contracts that specify the parameters of the 
    working relationship
  • Develop, implement, and deliver effective legal strategies to support customer 
  • Developing strategies to resolve cases favorably and cost-effectively for clients.
  • Analyze and develop effective strategies and arguments and representing clients in 
    negotiations and legal proceedings.
  • Prepare legal documents, such as letters, contracts, dispositions, and pleadings, 
    accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Deliver effective customer-results built on sold relationships that will drive growth, 
    profitability, and competitive success.
  • Enter all client and matter/case information into practice management software.
  • Effectively communicating with clients to learn about their legal needs and concerns and 
    providing them with advice.
  • Deep integration and collaboration with team members to ensure timely delivery of the 
    legal work.
  • Assist Employer with local business-to-business and direct consumer initiatives to 
    educate and support customers in current legal issues.
  • Assist in execution of Employer’s comprehensive local business plan focused on growth 
    of market share and obtaining new clients and developing new business with existing 
  • Drive financial performance through profitable revenue and growth. 


  • Experience: You have demonstrated problem solving skills and thrive in an environment that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, creativity, hard work, and you know how to work with different departments within a company to get things done.
  • Who You Are: Problem-solver. You can boil complex issues down to the bottom line and give advice that can be operationalized (as opposed to legal theory). Analytical master. You don't just jump into the task, but you analyze legal situations to provide the best possible outcome.
  • Self-sufficient: You are the mini-CEO of your own work. Multitasker. Comfortable shuffling/shifting priorities on a dime.
  • Passionate and Customer-Focused. You enjoy meeting new people, engaging in conversations and creating long-lasting relationships.
  • Ownership Minded and Goal-oriented. You have an ownership mentality and take responsibility for your work in a self-organized manner to get things done. You will get guidance and assistance whenever you want/need it, but it will be up to you to make sure it gets done. If someone asks what the status of a project is, you have a finish-line focused answer ready to go.
  • Leadership-minded. You are a leader who is driven to help others.
  • Organized. Extreme attention to detail and committed to following through with making sure tasks are completed effectively.

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