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How to Apply for an LLC

Here are some helpful tips for forming an LLC in your state.

Personal Injury Terms Defined

We've defined some terms commonly used in personal injury matters.

Overlooked Custody Dispute Issues

Co-parenting during divorce is hard, here are some common issues.

Nursing Home Abuse Liability

Learn more about who is liable for nursing home abuse or neglect.

How to Prepare for a Legal Consultation

Tips for finding an attorney and preparing for a consultation.

Checking Trademark Registration

Prior to using a trademark, you need to check if it's registered. Here's how.

Social Media & Divorce

Here are some tips for using social media during the divorce process.

What is an M&A Attorney?

Learn more what a mergers & acquisitions attorney does.

Registering a Trademark

Here is how to register a new trademark for your business.

How to Write a Will

A will is a document that protects you & your family, here's how to write one.

Benefits of Shared Custody

Here's why your children benefit from sharing custody with your ex.

Designing a Holiday Child Custody Plan

Navigating the holidays can be tricky, a holiday custody plan can help.

LLC or LP: What's Best?

Here are some factors to consider when forming a new business.

Three Ways to Avoid Probate

Tips for avoiding probate and making things easier on your loved ones.

Benefits of a Prenup

Getting married? Here's why you might want a prenuptial agreement.

Protecting Your 401(k)

If you are getting a divorce, here's some tips to help protect your 401(k).